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Headhunter Model

With the German market witnessing unprecedented growth and a shortage of skilled professionals, we present a unique solution. Explore the option of hiring Indian IT specialists who are eager to relocate to Germany and contribute to your company’s success. Our headhunter model ensures you access top-tier talent, bridging the workforce gap and propelling your company forward in the competitive German market.


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Headhunter Model

This comprehensive process ensures a thorough and efficient recruitment journey, tailored to meet the unique needs of your company as you navigate the challenges of the German IT job market.

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Process Description

Initial Consultation

Begin the process with an in-depth consultation to understand your company’s specific workforce needs, technical requirements, and cultural preferences. This crucial step sets the foundation for a targeted recruitment strategy.

Tailored Recruitment Strategy

Craft a bespoke recruitment strategy based on the gathered insights. This includes defining the skill sets required, cultural compatibility, and other unique criteria important for your company. Our goal is to align the talent search with your organizational goals.

Extensive Talent Search in India

Leverage our extensive network and expertise in the Indian IT landscape to identify and engage with top-tier talent. Our team conducts a comprehensive search, assessing candidates not just for their technical proficiency but also for their adaptability and commitment to relocating to Germany.

Rigorous Screening Process

Implement a rigorous screening process that includes technical assessments, interviews, and cultural fit evaluations. Only the most qualified and culturally aligned candidates proceed to the next stages, ensuring that the shortlisted pool meets your company’s standards.

Candidate Presentation and Client Review

Present the shortlisted candidates for your review. We provide detailed profiles, highlighting each candidate’s strengths, experience, and potential contributions to your organization. Your feedback is crucial at this stage to refine the selection further.

Facilitation of Interviews

Coordinate and facilitate interviews between your company and the selected candidates. We ensure smooth communication throughout this process, addressing any queries and facilitating a seamless exchange of information between both parties.

Negotiation and Offer Stage

Assist in negotiating employment terms and finalizing offers with the chosen candidates. Our goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement that meets the expectations of both parties, fostering a positive and committed partnership.

Relocation Support

Provide comprehensive support for the relocation of the selected candidates to Germany. This includes visa assistance, orientation programs, and ongoing support to help them seamlessly integrate into your company and the German work culture.

Continuous Follow-up

Maintain regular communication with both your company and the placed candidates to address any post-placement needs or concerns. Our commitment extends beyond recruitment to foster long-term success and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Post-Placement Assistance

Offer ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition for the newly placed candidates. We remain engaged to address any challenges, provide additional training if needed, and facilitate a positive work environment conducive to their professional growth.


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Benefits of our service model

Access top-tier Indian IT specialists.

Fill workforce gaps with ease.

Bridge cultural differences seamlessly.

Streamline recruitment processes.

Expand your team internationally.


Frequently asked questions

Our unique approach involves sourcing skilled Indian IT specialists willing to relocate to Germany. With a leadership team blending Indian and German experience, we bridge cultural gaps, providing a diverse and talented workforce to meet the demands of the growing German market.

Our strategic talent acquisition involves a meticulous screening process, assessing not only technical proficiency but also cultural fit. We identify and recruit Indian IT specialists eager to contribute to the success of your company in Germany, ensuring a harmonious and skilled workforce.

Save your precious time and effort spent for finding a solution.

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